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We are a part of the AGQ Labs International Network of Analytical Testing Laboratories

An international company with over 35+ years of experience in the Analytical Testing industry.

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We are a DCC Annual Licensed Laboratory

We were the 2nd lab in California to receive the DCC Year License, C8-0000173-LIC.

Green Nature Cannabis Business License

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We are on the list of DCC Compliance Testing Labs

Starting January 1, 2024, our laboratory, in compliance with state law, is required to use the Department of Cannabis Control’s (DCC) standardized cannabinoids test method and operating procedures for state-mandated compliance testing of dried flower, including non-infused pre-rolls.

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Our lab was built for cannabis testing

Even as we expand our customers will never suffer from downtime because of capacity issues.

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“AGQ Green Nature simplifies the compliance process for our products."

- CoffeeZing

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