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What is agricultural testing?

A diagnostic of the plant tissue, irrigation water, and soil or substrate will permit us to relate the plant’s nutritional state with the best dosage of fertilizer. This lets us help customers optimize crop cultivation within a specific climate condition.


What types of elements can be tested?

  • Irrigation water
  • Fertilization solutions
  • Soil solutions
  • Drainage solutions (hydroponics)
  • Vegetable tissue (leaves, sap, fruits)
  • Fertilizers
  • Manure and compost
  • Agricultural influents and effluents


What are the technical details?

  • Quality of irrigation water
  • Concentration and optimum ratios of nutrients in fertilization solutions
  • Choice of the most appropriate fertilizers
  • Stability and compatibility of fertilizers and concentrated solutions at central irrigation station
  • Interaction between salts in the irrigation water and fertilization solutions
  • Fertilization according to crop and substrate
  • Frequency and intensity of irrigation and washing
  • Nutritional diagnostics
  • Interaction between fertilization solution and substrate
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Plant Tissue

What is a plant tissue analysis?

Plant/tissue analysis is a scientific method used to evaluate the nutrient content and overall health of plants. It involves collecting samples of plant tissues, such as leaves, stems, or roots, and analyzing them in a laboratory. AGQ Labs uses advanced analytical techniques and equipment to determine the concentration of various elements and compounds within the plant tissues.

  • The analysis provides valuable information about the nutrient status of plants, allowing farmers, agronomists, and other stakeholders to optimize crop production and make informed decisions regarding fertilization and other agricultural practices. By assessing nutrient deficiencies or excesses, imbalances, or toxicities, plant/tissue analysis helps identify specific nutritional requirements and guides the implementation of targeted fertilizer programs.
  • AGQ Labs’ plant/tissue analysis typically includes the measurement of macronutrients (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and micronutrients (including iron, zinc, manganese, and others). The results of the analysis are presented in a detailed report, which provides recommendations for nutrient management, remedial actions, and adjustments to achieve optimal plant growth and yield.
  • By utilizing plant/tissue analysis, AGQ Labs aims to support growers and agricultural professionals in maximizing crop productivity, improving nutrient utilization efficiency, and ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.


What is a water analysis?

Starting with a foundation in the nutritional monitoring of crops, we have focused on specific case studies to implement a monitoring tool that allows us to audit different processes by:

  • Understanding the response of specific molecules in the soil-plant-water system which can act as chelating agents, oxidizing agents, slow-release fertilizers, or can initiate or slow down chemical processes (nitrification, etc.):
  • Studies for optimizing fertilization, valuation of wastewater for agricultural use as irrigation, characterization of soil and water, fertilizer homogenization, etc.
  • Fertilizer response in organic crops and research into more environmentally friendly alternatives


What is a soil analysis?

Agricultural soil analyses are essential to any agronomic management program in agricultural production. Among the aspects that we are going to know with this type of analysis, we highlight the following:

  • Soil fertility
  • Availability of nutrients in the soil Amendments is to be made in pre-sowing or pre-planting.
  • Generate a diagnosis of a nutritional problem in my crop.
  • What is tested:
    • Texture
    • pH
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Nutrients
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