Crop Nutritional Monitoring

Evaluation of crop needs at all times

With Crop Nutritional Monitoring (CNM) system AGQ Labs has been monitoring and evaluating the chemical needs of crops for over 25 years and we have helped clients around the world increase crop production, improve product quality and size, optimize fertilizer and water usage, control salinity and establish zero pesticide leaching methods.


AGQ Labs continuously evaluates what the crop needs at all times. Throughout the campaign we monitor the water and nutrient uptake of the crop and advise our clients on how to adjust their irrigation and fertilizers to the optimal level. This type of control also allows AGQ Labs’ clients to follow sustainable agricultural practice because leaching is minimized.

Results with Crop Nutritional Monitoring in cannabis crops

  • Minimizing environmental impact
  • Optimization of fertigation
  • Higher quality product
  • Significant cost savings in fertilizers
  • Increased productivity and performance

AGQ Labs has developed an internal proprietary procedure for crop nutritional monitoring and control that is based on the analysis of soil solutions that are extracted by AGQ Labs’ patented suction lysimeter probes. AGQ Labs’ Crop Nutritional Monitoring program is based on the comprehensive control of the Plant-Water-Soil system.

AGQ Labs’ quality seal certifies farms are using sustainable agricultural practices that guarantees the farm is using fertilizers, water, and pesticides efficiently and minimizing their impact on the environment.

Our warranty is based on the know-how accumulated by AGQ Labs during the past 20 years around the globe. At this time, AGQ Labs has reached optimal reference curves for all the main crops. Our agronomists from around the world, experts in the interpretation of this information, provide full value in irrigation and plant nutrition issues to AGQ Labs’ clients.

AGQ Labs currently provides consultancy for over 1.5 million acres of crops including but not limited to citrus, fruit trees, table grapes, olives, avocados, berries, sugar cane, energy crops, coffee, horticultural crops, and rice.

Crop Nutritional Monitoring in Cannabis crops
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