Plant-Water-Soil Analysis

Why analyze?

A diagnostic of the plant tissue, irrigation water, and soil or substrate will permit us to relate the plant’s nutritional state with the best dosage of fertilizer. This lets us help customers optimize the process of cultivating a crop within a specific climate condition.

What is important to know about agronomic analysis?

  • Quality of irrigation water
  • Concentration and optimum ratios of nutrients in fertilization solutions
  • Choice of the most appropriate fertilizers
  • Stability and compatibility of fertilizers and concentrated solutions at central irrigation station
  • Interaction between salts in the irrigation water and fertilization solutions
  • Fertilization according to crop and substrate
  • Frequency and intensity of irrigation and washing
  • Nutritional diagnostics
  • Interaction between fertilization solution and substrate

What to analyze?

  • Irrigation water
  • Fertilization solutions
  • Soil solutions
  • Drainage solutions (hydroponics)
  • Vegetable tissue (leaves, sap, fruits)
  • Fertilizers
  • Manure and compost
  • Agricultural influents and effluents

Interpretation of analyses

In addition to the reliability of the data from our analyses, carried out with the most advanced technologies and pursuant to our international accreditation, our data has the added value of one of our most important competencies: the agronomic interpretation of the results. All of our results are reported with these interpretations, in a very visual and graphic way. Furthermore, our agronomy department can also provide more specific consultation and help in carrying out fertilization plans.

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