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We are a premier provider of comprehensive laboratory services supporting the agricultural, environmental, and food industries. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team are committed to delivering accurate and timely results to meet your needs.

At AGQ Green Nature, we offer a wide range of services to assist you in achieving your goals and ensuring the highest quality and sustainability standards.

We go beyond basic compliance testing to provide world-class support and value add data to our clients. We can help reduce your costs and increase your yields with our plant health program.

Foreign Material

Designed specifically for the cannabis industry, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure product safety and compliance with stringent quality standards.


Tailored to detect and quantify glyphosate residues, ensuring that your products meet rigorous safety and environmental standards.

Heavy Metals

Providing meticulous testing and analysis to identify and quantify heavy metals in products, ensuring they adhere to the highest safety and quality benchmarks.


Offering detailed analysis and testing to identify, quantify, and manage microbial contaminants, ensuring product safety and regulatory compliance.


Designed to accurately measure and manage moisture content in products, ensuring optimal quality and compliance with industry standards.


Providing advanced detection and quantification of mycotoxins to ensure your products are safe and comply with health regulations.

Pesticide Residue

Offering comprehensive analysis to detect and quantify pesticide residues, ensuring your products meet strict safety and quality standards.


Designed to accurately assess the strength and concentration of active compounds in your products, ensuring compliance with industry standards and consumer expectations.


Providing detailed analysis to identify and quantify the aromatic compounds in your products, enhancing quality and ensuring a superior sensory experience.

Residual Solvents

Offering comprehensive analysis to identify and quantify residual solvents in products, ensuring they meet rigorous safety and quality standards.


Providing specialized detection and analysis to identify viroid presence, ensuring the health and safety of your plant-based products.

Water Activity

Designed to measure the amount of free water in products, ensuring stability, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

Plant Health AKA Agronomy

Crop Nutritional Monitoring

Providing detailed analysis and insights to optimize the nutrient levels in crops, ensuring healthy growth and maximizing yield potential.

Plant Tissue

Offering precise analysis to assess the nutritional status and health of plants, aiding in the identification of deficiencies and guiding effective management strategies.


Providing thorough analysis to ensure water quality and safety, meeting environmental and health standards.


Offering comprehensive analysis to evaluate soil health and fertility, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth and sustainable agriculture.

Pre-Made Packages AKA Bundle Deals

DCC Compliance

Learn about our DCC Compliance package, providing meticulous testing and analysis to ensure your products meet the standards set by the Department of Cannabis Control, safeguarding their legality and marketability.


Learn about our CDFA package, tailored to meet the California Department of Food and Agriculture's strict testing requirements, ensuring your products are compliant and market ready.


Learn about our Research and Development (R&D) package, offering innovative solutions and comprehensive support to advance your projects and drive breakthroughs in your field.


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Partnering with AGQ Green Nature is a partnership fueled by the mission to sell great quality cannabis.

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We are not a standalone lab. We are a part of a global network of analytical testing laboratories. Each one focusing on one or multiple industries: Food Safety, Agronomy, Mining, Food Quality, Energy, Gas, Oil, Water Cycle, Consumer Goods, and Health Sciences

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