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Water Activity & Moisture


What is moisture and water activity testing?

Our moisture and water activity testing service for cannabis ensures the optimal quality and preservation of your products.

By accurately measuring the moisture content, we help you achieve the ideal potency, flavor, and shelf-life balance.

Using state-of-the-art instruments, we measure the moisture and water activity levels in your cannabis products to assess the potential for microbial growth. By determining water availability for biological reactions, we help you maintain quality, extend shelf life, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Our precise water activity measurements enable you to make informed decisions about packaging, storage, and product formulations, safeguarding the integrity and safety of cannabis-infused edibles, flowers, concentrates, and more.


What is moisture and water activity?

Moisture testing in cannabis refers to measuring the water content in cannabis plant material or cannabis-derived products. It is essential in cannabis testing to assess the quality, stability, and proper curing of cannabis products.

  • Quality assessment
  • Preservation and storage
  • Accurate dosage and potency

Water activity, often abbreviated as Aw, is a measure of the availability of water for biological and chemical reactions within a substance. In cannabis testing, water activity is an important parameter used to assess the potential for microbial growth and the stability of cannabis products.


Water activity is measured on a scale from 0 to 1, where pure water has a water activity of 1. The water activity value indicates the relative amount of free water molecules present in a substance compared to pure water at the same temperature and pressure. It is a measure of the water vapor pressure in the substance.


In the context of cannabis, maintaining appropriate water activity levels is crucial to prevent microbial growth, such as the growth of bacteria, molds, and yeasts. These microorganisms can lead to the degradation of cannabis products and pose health risks if consumed.


By measuring water activity, cannabis producers and testing laboratories can determine the likelihood of microbial contamination and evaluate the shelf stability of products. The DCC compliance limit for water activity level is 0.65 Aw, and that is considered a safe threshold to inhibit most microbial growth, although specific guidelines may vary depending on regulatory requirements.


What are the technical details?

Instruments: water activity and moisture content analyzer

Accreditation: DCC Annual License and ISO:17025

Minimum sample size: 2g

Sample types: concentrates, flower, infused products

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