Viroid Analytical Testing

Unlock the full potential of your strains through precise terpene testing and strategic decision-making.

Viroid Analytical Testing

Determination and quantification of aromatic compounds called terpenes

The purpose of viroid testing specifically is to remove infected plants that will decrease yield. The 30% increase in yield is accomplished over time, rather than immediately, as the goal is for farms to eventually reach a level where the amount of product lost from HLV is as close to 0% as possible. By removing mother plants that are infected, the direct benefit will be reaped in the following cycles as each greenhouse’s efficiency is maximized. Therefore, testing is most effective when performed routinely every 2-3 weeks, to ensure the next cycle of clones is all HLV free, thus leading to an increase in yield.

It should also be noted that HLV decreases trichome production and therefore the potency of the product. This means testing is beneficial for cannabis intended to be made into any cannabis product (extracts, flowers, edibles). If HLV infected plants are used to make concentrates, the concentrate will contain a lower % of THC and other cannabinoids than concentrates made from healthy plants. Therefore, regardless of how the plant is intended to be processed, it is beneficial for anyone who is growing cannabis to be testing for HLV.

Terpene Analtical Testing


What are viroids?

Our team works directly with each client to deliver the results in the most cost-effective and faster option while keeping client confidentiality.

AGQ Green Nature also offers two more virus analyses, apart from Viroid testing (HLV):

Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) is a linear, single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus and a member of the Crinivirus family. Cannabis and hemp plants that are infected early will suffer stunted growth but may not show visual signs until a few weeks into flowering.

Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV) is a double-stranded RNA virus and a member of the Partitiviridae family.
These 2 analyses can be included in the same set of analyses with the HLV analysis or requested individually. The turnaround time is also 1 business day.

Technical Details

Determination and quantification of the presence of common viruses in cannabis plants”
Instruments: PCR system
Minimum sample size:
Sample types: cannabis and hemp leaves

  • Hop Latent Viroid
  • Cannabis Cryptic Virus
  • Lettuce Chlorosis Virus
Terpene Analytical Testing



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